Milling to host December 2007 Seaside Institute New Urbanism Seminar

In response to the catastrophic devastation in the Gulf South after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, new development and planning strategies are well underway. This is the perfect time for leaders to come together and learn the importance and benefits of sustainable communities. To that end, The Seaside Institute and Milling Benson Woodward L.L.P. will present a New Urbanism seminar in New Orleans this winter.

Andres Duany, nationally renowned architect and planner, will lead The Seaside Institute’s upcoming seminar, Building and Rebuilding Traditional Neighborhoods, in December at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans Hotel.

The Seaside Institute seminars teach the theory and practice of New Urbanism and Smart Growth and aim to convey that a community is more than just building codes and traffic engineering. The town of Seaside, Florida has been hailed as the birthplace of New Urbanism.

New Urbanism and Smart Growth have contributed new, livable, and sustainable communities to our national landscape as well as existing communities damaged by suburban sprawl, urban disinvestments and natural disasters. Although New Urban communities stress the importance of quality of life and sense of community, they also typically outperform conventional developments in terms of the financial return to developers and the rate of appreciation to homeowners.

The Building and Rebuilding Traditional Neighborhoods seminar will offer a comprehensive discussion of the techniques of Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) and will take participants on a step-by-step journey through the development and redevelopment process.

Valuable insights will be offered to newcomers to New Urbanism and experienced practitioners alike. For anyone involved in the urban development process – architects, builders, planners, developers, elected and appointed officials, consultants, marketers, civic activists and others – this seminar will be extremely informative and critical to continued growth in the area.

The members of our distinguished faculty are recognized as leaders in the fields of well-planned and well-executed sustainable communities – including design, marketing, codes, transportation and street design, finance, construction law, tax law, market analysis, town centers and retail, and development.

Our own Hilton Bell will be speaking on related tax issues and Angela Adolph will be presenting on Community Development Districts.

For more information regarding this seminar, please contact our Marketing Director, Amy Catalanotto at (504) 569-7411 or Mag Bickford at (504) 569-7142.