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Protecting Your Innovation

Patents are a vehicle for protecting a client’s innovation, but they offer so much more.  Patents also serve to provide an invaluable marketing tool and lend credibility to a brand.  They are an asset, and as such, should be protected as any other asset would be.  Patents can often be the foundation of a business model, and can spell success moving into a new venture, or maintaining an existing one.

Comprehensive Patent Portfolio

With decades of experience in all areas of IP, and specifically patents, Milling Benson Woodward is uniquely positioned to protect you, your business, and your ideas.  We handle all aspects of your idea, from aiding with conceptualization, through prosecution and acquiring a comprehensive patent portfolio in the United States and throughout the world, and further through the post-issuance phase, guiding you through licensing and enforcement of your intellectual property.

Allegations of Infringement

We also recognize that you are not always on the offense, however, and should you find yourself in a situation that requires you to answer an allegation of infringement, MBW also has extensive experience in assessing your exposure, minimizing the impact to your business operations, and negotiating the often treacherous world of infringement claims to bring any such matters to a prompt and cost-efficient conclusion.

Cohesive and Cost-Saving Services

Add to this our world-class business law services and full-service IP services, and you will find that MBW is able to keep your entire business portfolio efficiently housed under one roof, merging your business needs such as LLC filings, compliance matters, contract review and preparation, together with your patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, adding a cohesiveness and cost-savings not frequently found elsewhere.


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