Admiralty Lawyers Defend Against Maritime Injury Claims

Experienced attorneys represent employers, vessels and vessel owners in the area in accident cases

Because of the dangers they face, sailors are provided with some of the strongest legal protections of any workers in the country. Given these laws, maritime employers often find themselves involved in complex and potentially expensive claims when their workers are injured. The Jones Act entitles injured seamen to remedies that are not available to other workers. Workers on drilling rigs and oil platforms are often covered by the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) and the general maritime law. Dockworkers can seek remedies under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). At Milling Benson Woodward L.L.P., our knowledgeable attorneys have experience defending vessel owners and other maritime employers in the area and throughout LA in all types of injury cases.

Proven advocates dispute Jones Act claims

Rather than being subject to the workers’ compensation laws of , seamen are given special protection under the Jones Act. To qualify as a Jones Act seaman, an employee must work on a vessel and be injured while acting in service to that vessel. Seamen are eligible to receive “maintenance and cure,” which consists of an allowance and medical treatment until they have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). Our attorneys defend vessel owners by disputing an employee’s claim that he or she is a Jones Act seaman.

Skilled litigators represent defendants in other maritime cases

Because the Jones Act only applies to certain workers, some cases instead fall under general maritime law, which allows for negligence claims. Our attorneys present a strong defense in negligence claims by showing that you and your business followed safety regulations and standards.

We also defend against claims arising under the LHWCA and DOHSA. The LHWCA applies to maritime workers who were injured on land in as well as dockworkers and stevedores. It functions like a national workers’ compensation system. DOHSA allows the family of maritime workers to seek compensation for their deaths when they were killed due to negligence at sea. Our attorneys work with you to build a solid defense using all available evidence and witness testimony.

Dedicated lawyers protect your vessel and other business interests

We represent ships and other vessels when employees try to seize or arrest them. We also defend your vessel when it is sued in rem. In maritime cases involving people other than employees, our attorneys use limitation on liability law to prevent you from owing more than your vessel is worth.

Contact our admiralty attorneys to minimize your exposure in maritime injury cases

If you are faced with a maritime claim, you need an attorney with experience defending admiralty cases. The maritime injury attorneys at Milling Benson Woodward L.L.P. have experience helping maritime businesses throughout LA protect themselves and limit their exposure in injury claims. Call us at or contact us online to arrange a consultation with an admiralty lawyer at our New Orleans office.